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Hello, one of the CG artists here! While the team and I are glad you enjoy the game, I see calling the CGs of both the primary CG artist, Papaya and me, the secondary CG artist, Akua, poor and to be "reset" (I believe you might mean to replace) is uncalled-for and rude. 

We both worked hard, and I judge us both at a decent enough quality not to be downplayed like that. This might be due to language barriers that it comes off as more hurtful than intended, but I'd like to advise to be careful with your critique as this paints a very negative light of you to us, the team, as we can all read this comment. Perhaps you meant this as a compliment to the sprite artist to draw the CGs as well or the project worthwhile enough to give money to, but the way it's written is rather poorly worded in that case.

Please don't do this to other projects, and have a nice day.