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The game is not playable on my Windows laptop. It loads up and then has nothing but the sunset with no buttons for a long time, and then the button "Part 2" pops up with nothing else available, and if you click that it just says "Please play the prologue!" before redirecting to the screen saying only "Part 2". deleting all the files and re downloading them does not fix the problem, and I have tried both the "windows" and the "windows update" downloads. This is frustrating especially because the only reason I wanted to download it is because the update is still not out for IOS, which is what I was following the game on originally. What I have seen is absolutely stunning, a wonderful art style with interesting worldbuilding and fantastic characters. I eagerly await the time when this game is available to Windows and IOS users.

Thank you for  letting us know! Updates are a little slow going as the Dev in charge of dealing with bugs is a full-time student, but we hope to have a more optimized version posted soon!

I might be able to help! I was having similar issues on the Mac version of the game. What I found is that the page needs to be windowed in order to work -- if you attempt to have it full screen, it will have the problems you presented. I'm no Windows expert, so I'm not sure how to fix this issue. On the Mac a little box popped up that allowed me to adjust the settings. Hopefully this helps!


It opens windowed, and there is no fullscreen option, so I don't think thats it