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AUUUUGH. ALL THE WRITING IN THIS GAME IS TOO FREAKING GOOD!!! All of the characters contributing to a certain angle of understanding, redemption, acceptance, and belonging really makes it feel like a truly, fully-realized story!! I love all of these freaking characters!!!!! And the story they're in!!!!!!

And I guess I am kind of a freaking sucker for idle-ish games like this, where the gameplay is just clicking on something every so often to progress (accidentally ended up spending like 30 hours in a random other trilogy of idle games a week ago pff), and so, additionally, from my own perspective, this gameplay is perfect!!! The variance in grow speeds is spaced well enough, but special mention to the third fruit!!! It's a really excellent addition. Not that I think games where the time only ever goes up are flawed in some way, but that fruit being the way it is made me go "OH. THAT'S ACTUALLY REALLY EXCELLENT."

So!!! Perfect gameplay, perfect story, perfect characters, perfect developments...... and of course it has my favorite kind of writing in a certain other aspect, where most writers see a couple of characters of opposite genders (or even same gender in certain circumstances) and go "YEAH. DO IT LIKE THIS" (you know) and I'm just like "nononononono please why is this the default", so. Perfect for that, too!! Any story that goes that way is perfect in that aspect!!!!! Though I guess my problem with that concept is how it's executed, usually.... but, either way, in this circumstance, there's a perfect set of relationships!! And my favorite character is........................................ all of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Rutaboo but it's a close tie for second just a millimeter down)

In the end, self-reflection, repentance, forgiveness, acceptance, and friendship are all wonderful things, right? So. Thank you for making this game!!! And lighting a little flame in peoples' hearts to illuminate and make clear such wonderful ideals as the ones portrayed here!!!!!