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Really enjoying this story. The music is interesting, I love the phone system and the fact that some of the choices are timed (hope this continues in the full game). I also appreciate the fact that the protagonist is different in the sense that most games seem to have a more honerable protagonist at least ethically. Having said that, my one critique would be to try to introduce the character's misdeads in a more mysterious way maybe with a mask or some way of changing his the voice. Also, starting of with this being the seventh victem is kind of high for the begginning of the game and just seems to come out of nowhere.  Lastly please don't take this the wrong way but I really feel that by making Rei just so cold and aloof it is hard to believe that anyone would like to get to know him (yes I know he is the copycat killer which explains some of the coldness) but still that is why it would have made more sense to try to make the connection a little more mysterious. I hope my critiques did not sound mean spirited nor dose this ditract from wanting to play the complete game when it comes out.