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Really valuable comment and reply.
"We can't make things without expressing who we are and the contexts we exist in through them, and no two people can ever really manifest the same idea in exactly the same way."
I can only agree to this.

This looks like an interesting project and the only thing I would think about are the bee's heads but it could be a style decision. If the programming is solid and the gameplay is fun, following e.g. "Velma" could be a lot of fun. Hive Time focused on handling everything at once. While it is entirely valid to follow a similiar approach you could also let the player accompany a single bee and her daily struggle (maybe even switch bees early/later). What happens outside the hive? How does the bee regulate her body temperature or how is the food aquired?

10 years is a long time. You could probably find someone by creating a short yt vid about it or get help on discord (there are several focused on unity). 

Having the game running on a Raspberry is cool. I think there is something special when you begin to understand that certain software can basically be run on any device today. Like the moments when you download Godot or Terraria and you look at the MB.