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Hello! I managed to finish at least a route of the game (one without dying and besides the Elena route, of course). And there's just a lot of things that I don't get. Well, given I finished one route (just yet)... I'll try a couple more later on. Anyway, the mystery's gnawing up on me and even in this one route, there are a couple of loose ends. I'm not sure if they're intentional (like, maybe we're supposed to finish all routes to get the whole picture?) but still! I felt compelled to voice these nonetheless, though preferably in a more private one? Lest other fans won't mind me spoiling a whole chunk in here? lol Do you guys have a general email for accepting questions and/or beta-reviews?

Anyway, that aside, the mystery of this game is really great, a first for me if I say so myself. Like I said, there were some loose ends but I suppose this ain't even near the final product? There were a few glitches here and there (like that park training part with Salima where the music is a bit glitchy or something) and some minor spelling errors: 'kneel' instead of 'kneal' at the factory scene with Salima (or was it the beach scene, I forgot). XDD I haven't checked the voice though, since I've muted it in the entire game, so I have no opinion in that area. Sorry. :<

That aside, the art was splendid, especially the backgrounds and the story-telling was nice. So far, I've enjoyed it very much! :D I'm saving right now (T^T) but I'm hoping when the final full game is up, I'd be able to buy it off and/ donate as much as I can to help you guys off. I can see that you really put great effort in completing this game after all. It was amazingly done and I'm very thankful of you guys for sharing this work to us, for free no less! :> I hope you keep this up and haven't given up on this project just yet.

Anyway, hoping to hear more from you soon. Good luck!

Thanks for the comments and glad you enjoyed the game.

As far as making spoiler-y comments, there are a number of choices. First, if you happen to use Reddit, you can make a post in our subreddit:

Just label the title as containing spoilers. This might be useful if other people who have played through the game have similar questions. Aside from that, you could always just email us:

And incidentally, yes—even by completing this version of the game, there are plenty of questions left to be answered in other paths. We figure that's the best way to compel readers to follow up with different branches...uh, assuming they ever get made. :P

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Ohhh I geeet it noow! Actually, I just manage to find a couple more routes that are unfinished, particularly Karl's. So I think this really does fall under the 'complete all routes to understand the game better' category? I am so excited for this! Damn, huhuhuhu, so Karl does have a route! fufufu~ :>> OMG, made me all the more fired up. ESP THAT CUTESY LINE BEFORE THAT ROOFTOP SCENE. omo Imagine my shock, and even shock is an understatement, when Professor Cassandra showed up, saying I have to rewind because I fudging ended up in Karl's route! Yosh, I really am going to save as much as I can right now in order to help you guys. :>> Good luck on this, Pseudome! Really interesting plot line here. I hope you get the loose ends tied up soon. XDD