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BTW if you dont mind me asking,...

*was this made with Unity or UE or gameMaker or anything like that?

*Also what programming language was used?

*And lastly, what did you guys use to draw the  world?

I admire your game so much btw hahhaah I've spent so much time in it already!

Please continue, Thanks for Making and thanks for sharing, !

  • Made with Construct 3
  • Construct 3's visual event scripting was used
  • All the artwork was created with CLIP Studio Paint

We are really happy to hear you are enjoying the game!

There is much still planned for the future for Gelda, so keep an eye out for announcements and if you're not already, follow us on twitter @ramblingindie

I never knew about Construct, it's very intuitive!

Clip studio: I used to have a Wacom Bamboo before it broke, Do you recommend from personal exp. any drawing tablet?

Thanks for your replying, your work is very  inspiring, best of luck!

For a drawing tablet, our artist recommends the Wacom Intuos. For something with a screen, the Microsoft Surface, or if you are looking for something with more power, the Wacom Mobile Studio Pro which is what was used to create the art for Gelda.

Thank you very much, I will look into these products.