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Oh my gosh, I'm so happy I discovered this demo and played it! I have to go play your other games now too, but I'm still reeling over how much I loved this one! ^^ I think I need to play it at least 5 more times...Is there a way I can help this come out faster? :'D Please tell me if there's anything I can do!! (I'm so sorry if I sound impatient, I just loved it so much and I want to support you however possible!!)

My favorites characters (and characters I hope will have routes in the full game) are Rieffe, Wynrou, and most of all Lanneis!! (You really captured the soul of the megane!) I also really loved the part with Reqieu and Lanneis snarkily talking to each other. And Iris is so adorable and kind and I really enjoyed playing as her. :) Honestly, I loved all of the characters, but the three I mentioned are the ones I adored the most!

The art and music for the game are absolutely lovely and suit it so well! I love your art-style so much, and everything was absolutely stunning. I was also overjoyed with how well you write characters and how well everything flowed. It was very engaging right from the beginning and by the end it was impossible to put down! I was also very pleased with the length, it felt so long and full for just a demo. I'm curious, how long do you expect the full game to be?

Overall, you are amazing and I am so appreciative that this exists. Thank you so much for this demo, and I can't wait for the full game!

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Thank you, you're too kind!! Your support is more than enough to make me want to finish the game faster! ^o^ However, it's a ton of work for one person to do, so unfortunately it will take a while...I'm not sure how long the full game will be, but it will definitely be over 10 hours. When the full game is finished, I'll be sure to mention the total word count and estimated game time!