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hello !!  i really like your game, it's super cool <3 i was super happy when i saw there was a character using they/them !! i got all the endings except with Wiebe and uuh i came across a bug, i dunno if it's a bug that could happen again or not, i need to see if it happens again. i was a lil' stuck cause i didn't know besides the two items in the main rooms what i was supposed to do, so i checked the read me. i really didn't think about digging stuff but ay nice :> but uh here goes the problem : it looks like i must have done it at the wrong spot because the character got stuck in the decor... could only move on the decor around (house, roses, wall) and wouldn't go on the normal floor, and actually disappear when i go on the tomatoes 

so what i'm gonna do rn is reset the game and do the same things i did to see if the glitch happens again wheezes

-----back from it, i tried 3 other times. when on the spot in front of the item, there's no problem, tho the two other time i was past its spot and got stuck there and couldn't move the character other than doing turns on the same spot. so i think it's ??? worth telling you fdhbfhdb i guess, i hope i'm not actually showing something that's been fixed that i didn't notice wheezes 

but anyway !! beside that i really had a lotta fun doing the game <3 i need to finish the last one with the nurse but yeah uwu the game is amazing !!


post nurse ending : i'm not crying, you're crying.

This is just the sweetest comment! Thank you so much for taking the time to report this! I will look into it!
Thank you for your kind words! Please tell your friends about the game, rate it and share it!

aah yw hun :'D