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LAGS thanks for the new zombie variant and the 4-5p goblin animation you are the best

how did you get them?


the pit level hidden room behind chest


There is a green zombie on bottomless pit level,15 i think, after u smash em,jump on the other side of that platform with the zombie,and crawl on that wall,there will be the 5p goblins,the 4p and the key to unlock the golden gate on lvl 14.


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15,there will be a zombie, green one above the chest,on the other wall side if u jump,will find a hidden place,just crawl there and u will find the golden key for lvl 14 special zombie room,and the 4p and 5p goblins and the special girls if u found all 3 posters,from the goblins den,sugar world and lvl 16.