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I like the double jump, art, and music. However, those stupid wood trolls get me every time! I think adding different difficulty levels would be good. Maybe making the wood trolls slower on easier levels for the less talented gamers, shorter spaces between hills, etc. I get easily frustrated though, so this may not be an issue for everyone. I think a different level intro music would be good too. Not a big fan of the scratchy sounds. A reduced death sequence would be great too. I wasted a lot of time dying.

Difficulty setting is a good idea! We will add this to the list of things to consider for the next update. Thanks for playing!

Today we are unleashing an update to Gelda with a bunch of fixes that we hope you will like.

  • Abi is not based on velocity anymore and works more like a double-jump
  • Gelda can now let go of Abi while gliding
  • Text boxes now are destroyed correctly
  • Troll disappears when you get far enough away so you are not stuck/trapped anymore
  • Gelda can now duck to look down to avoid leaps-of-faith
  • Checkpoints now work correctly and do not activate before being reached
  • Fixed collision issues in the Misty Wood - 2 level
  • Reduced death/respawn sequence time
  • Reduced time for level name screen for faster play
  • Added option to quit to title during playing via the pause menu (press ESC to pause)
  • Cleaned up major graphics splicing issues
  • Optimized rendering and collision checking to reduce lag

Please give the updated game a whirl and let us know your thoughts.