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cute, fun game! absolutely disastrous programming. the double jumping mechanic is the worst offender, but glitches are everywhere. 

Thanks for your feedback.

The "double jumping" is one of the things that the most time was spent on. In-fact, it was decided that the velocity-based mechanic was more fun than a typical double-jump, and opened up more variety in designing the levels and playing them.

The only glitch that we have noticed is with the textboxes/portraits, and these are things we intend to fix later in a future update. The jam schedule was tight to handle all the things on our list of items to fix.

Disastrous is probably a bit strong of a term though.

Today we are unleashing an update to Gelda with a bunch of fixes that we hope you will like.

  • Abi is not based on velocity anymore and works more like a double-jump
  • Gelda can now let go of Abi while gliding
  • Text boxes now are destroyed correctly
  • Troll disappears when you get far enough away so you are not stuck/trapped anymore
  • Gelda can now duck to look down to avoid leaps-of-faith
  • Checkpoints now work correctly and do not activate before being reached
  • Fixed collision issues in the Misty Wood - 2 level
  • Reduced death/respawn sequence time
  • Reduced time for level name screen for faster play
  • Added option to quit to title during playing via the pause menu (press ESC to pause)
  • Cleaned up major graphics splicing issues
  • Optimized rendering and collision checking to reduce lag

Please give the updated game a whirl and let us know your thoughts.