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Hi there! I just bought the bundle and I'd love to have the cards professionally printed at one of those online services, but I would need a "one-card-per-file" version for that. Would that be possible? <3 

Unfortunately setting up one card per file to be printable in the same way would take about a week. I'd love to be able to spend some time doing this, but I probably wouldn't be able to until summertime. If I can get to it I'll reply here and update the bundle as well. In the meantime, can you refer me to details of what the online service(s) you're thinking of require? The ones I've seen tend to require raster images  (TIF, JPG, PNG etc) and often won't print PDF / images with vectors. It's also often "one-side-per-file" with backs being handled separately, so there are a lot of variables to consider. 

One alternative to consider if you are using a service that requires raster files is using a software tool or website that extracts images from PDFs. There are a number of those and you can probably just get a pile of images to use that way. But it does depend on your service!