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Hello(sorry for my English, not good in it). I've completed this game several times. Thank you. It was interesting. I found out in wich case appears function "input". But I didn't find out how to use it. I even tried to "hold" some specific anomalies for time, when Input appears. I mean. I've ignored them, just let them be. But in hurry had to found another. Cause if u have unfixed more than 3-4 anomalies at the time - it's the end. I've tried to use input in computer anomaly and into the abyss. Didn't work. And i'ts the question: Is there any real functionality for this "Input"? Or it's just nothing to do with it? Thank you for this game anyway(it's atmospheric and holds you in it)

Hi! Great to hear you enjoy the game. There is a function for the "input" option. It's a well hidden secret.