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AMAZING DEMO... Just that when i tried to bind my Logitech X56 H.O.T.A.S it seemed that is did not like way it was set up. I could control the plane but i know could be lot better if had a preset for Joysticks like the X56. Another item i could not seem to find was the CHAFF system to avoid the missiles coming at me sure you can only avoid so many but in the sim when you have 4 lots of enemy planes coming at you from different side hard to miss being hit when locked from behind & in front. 

But i can tell from the demo that this is going to be a GREAT SIM when the VR is working has well OMG if you have like CO-OP with up to maybe 3 friends to make a 4 Plane squad so then its 2man team to look out for each other has well taking out the enemy targets because like on a ground assault you could have 1st 2 planes just ahead of other 2 for air to air or air to ground so that you clear the way for the other 2 that are carrying the bombs for the mission. 

Cant wait for full release till then i have fun playing more of the demo hone my flying skill more ready for full sim

Ran on my 1080 card np with no lose of FPS & setting was between High & Ultra.