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Hell Cabin is a minimalist TTRPG homage to Evil Dead.

The PDF is 6 pages, with rad art and layout that prioritize vibes and atmosphere.

Setting-wise, the players take on the roles of a survivor, their supporting cast, a cabin, and the evil that inhabits it and narrate a story of things going wrong in the woods.

Mechanically, Hell Cabin is gory and to the point. To resolve checks, players roll a "Ratings Die" which determines the film rating of the result. Low is PG, high is X.

I don't think I've ever seen this particular approach before, and while it kinda needs everyone to be on the same page about what kind of a movie Evil Dead is, it also adds a lot of tension to every roll.

Supporting this, each player role has a full playbook describing how to handle it. The supporting cast drops like flies, and gets to play as the antagonist at the end. The survivor chops through their friends or loses things they care about, but always makes it to the conclusion. The Evil spends points to trigger negative twists in the story. The cabin plays the environment and eggs everyone on.

Overall, if you dig brutal, vibes-y horror and want something for a oneshot, you should get this. The design is tight and the playbooks interact in clever ways, and it's a great game to break out on a camping trip or cabin getaway with friends.