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Hey man, I love that the idea that someone is (hopefully still) working on a modernised version of LSD. The thing that captivates me about this simple exploration 'game' is the randomness and that your interactive choices matter, with that sometimes calming and sometimes manic soundtrack in the background. But I have some parts to critique after my first dream, stemming back to my first experience playing this edition many months ago:

1. Maybe upgrade it a bit more from the low resolution Minecraft look, I mean you obviously have decent renders in your photo selections. It's not going to take a 4090 to run, it's PSX ported to a PC, but it doesn't mean that everything needs to have such a tiny and aliased texture base - that's a significant reason why people want it updated. I just didn't see this with max options.

2. Please add mouse support, one of the things I was really hoping was to use my mouse to look around with WASD to control basic movement like pretty much all games set on foot. You have implemented a control customisation menu but at best it felt just as clunky as the original - especially the movement going up or down that tower.

3. It's nowhere near as dynamic as the original, there are no NPCs or major texture changes as the dreams progress. But I understand this is yet to be implemented. Overall it feels a little bland wandering around for a bit before jumping off a cliff or something (literally).

Please don't let this discourage you, maybe you're too busy to work on it or have considered it final, but there are a lot of us who would love to see the game in a modern sense. But it just doesn't feel any better than trying to use an emulator to play it like what I used to do, so it's not quite accurate to call it 'revamped' - especially when a lot of the original content is taken away from. Not worth the 278mb compressed download IMO.