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Okay.. I feel dumb but I am stuck at the beginning in Grandma's house. I have funny glasses and a blue teddy and can't find a way to enter the room in which organ plays.. HALP


Hello! Don't worry, you aren't dumb. This was my first game and uh... it shows. Go to the entryway of Grandma's House (the room with the giant purple chair) and check the cabinet there. After reading the notepad in there, you should be allowed in the southern room of the house. If you need anymore help, I'd be happy to lend a hand. Thanks for playing my game :)

im sorry but for me it wont work HELP PLEASE


Hi, it's alright. I'm here to try and help. 

I'm assuming you're stuck in Chapter 2 as well with "Grandma's House". Since I don't know how far you've made it in the chapter, I'm going to list all the steps to complete the chapter:

-From the starting room go up to the room called "Hallway".

-Enter the 2nd door from the left, it will be called "Child's Room".

-Check the cabinet by the pink bed and take the "funny glasses" from inside.

-Exit the room and go back to the starting room then go left into the room called "Entryway"

-Check the cabinet behind the purple chair and look at the notepad inside.

-Go back to the starting room and walk all the way down and enter the southernmost room. (You will get a message saying that the boxes blocking this room are gone or something similar to that)

-Go all the way to the left and enter the "organ room"

-Check the organ

If you need help with something else, feel free to ask me about it. Thanks for playing my game!

im sorry but for me it wont work HELP PLEASE