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So I spent about an hour playing this and personally my biggest concern at times is the jumping and usually collision. I was able to collect at least 60 out of 65 of the moths before reaching the end by accident. 

One of the things I will say that could really help out when is being able to tell when you've received all the moths in an area for completion purposes. I for one was more so fighting with the jumping in order to try and collect them all, but felt there were areas that hid some.

In my opinion there is a lot of potential in store for this game in particular if it's ever fully fleshed out. That being said, if it does get to that part I do look forward to gameplay being developed a little more. Some examples being the ability to control both characters at a similar time as to not have to go back and forth, a method of knowing how many moths are in an area similar to the counter going from 30 to 65 all of a sudden, and potentially a fix towards the jumping.

I felt having played this game for almost an hour now it was worth giving my personal opinion. Good job nevertheless.