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The idea is solid, the atmosphere is AMAZING, and the feeling of Isolation is VERY real.

That said, there is waaaay too much broken with this game. To start off, clipping. You can clip through so much of the environment. Secondly, After I found the uncle, I got up on the viewfinder mountain, and... that's where it all fell apart. I got on the sled, and that's REALLY broken. When you get off the sled, the character makes comments about the uncle again. When you get to the house in the backdrop... it's not really there?

You have an AMAZING idea, one that, if you followed through and really put your mind to it, would be a game worthy of paying $10, maybe even $20 for.


Hi! Thanks for playing, this build is a very early build that was rushed out to submit for the global game jam on time. We plan to fix up some of these major issues that are clearly game breaking, and then release that within a couple weeks, so check back then! We are very surprised that you were able to finish the game in it's current state haha.

I figured it was an early build, but the page didn't mention that, so I wasn't going to assume.

As for the game, you guys have an AMAZING idea and I genuinely love it. The idea, the concept... you guys built something that is super cool. Like I said, that feeling of isolation, that fear of being lost out in the middle of a blizzard... it's very real, and you guys encompassed it perfectly. If you get the chance, please do keep it up, because this is promising.