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Hey! i made these tiles a while ago for a rogue-like prototype, i was looking at your project and i wanted to know if you want me to make a tileset and some monsters for your game, for free, usually i try to help developers randomly, and i liked your project :v also, sorry for my bad english!

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Of course you can help!

But I have to ask you few things beforehand.

  1. Will you be able to match current art style of the game? Cause your pixel art just looks SO amazing! Lot more than mine.
  2. What sort of assets you will need from me? Assuming that you will make tileset(s) and some monsters.
  3. How soon I can expect any assets from you?
  4. How do you want to be credited for your work? 

That is all and thank you for offering help.


P.S.: My English is not that good either :D

I can try to match the current art style, but i'm going to make some things in a few different styles so you can choose one if you want.

I'm not going to need any assets, but if you want me to recreate something in another art style i can do that.

I can start making the tilesets today, the examples that i showed you i made in 1 hour.

There's no need to credit me for anything  :v

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Matching current art style is necessary. I am willing to see what you can do, but I will not put  anything too much different in the game.

For example humanoid monsters / creatures usually have 4 frames of movement/run animation. Idle animation is usually only one sprite, attack animatins differs from monster to monster. Only exception is slime (the dark blueish blob), which is more fluid, but that is because of nature of the monster.

So lets see, what sticks and what does not, for now.

Also, we should communicate in a different way than here in the comments section. Twitter? Email?