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Not entirely sure what you are talking about; the game updates usually twice a month, with the SubscribeStar-backer getting the new update a sequence earlier. All updates have new content. 

This time the backers get acces to 0.26.0 part 1 while the free users get 0.25.0 part 2. in two to three weeks, the backers will get 0.26.0 part 2 and the free users 0.26.0 part 1.

I was asking what the difference between part 1 and part 2? 

Do I need to download both part 1 and part 2 to play or can I just stick up to one version?

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You stick to one version. 

The difference is that Selebus releases updates to his game twice a month (aside from rare exceptions). The first update of the month is titled 0.xx.0 Part 1. The second update, with completely new content, is titled 0.xx.0 Part 2.

0.xx.0 Part 2 has ALL the content of 0.xx.0 Part 1 PLUS about 3 hours of extra content.

So if you have access to 0.26.0 Part 1, rest assured that your game has more content than 0.25.0 Part 2 because 0.26.0 is greater than 0.25.0.

Hope I didn't confuse you!

I had to go back to the first announcement where they used the terms Part 1 and Part 2. It sounds to me like it goes like this. "Announcement 1 is that 0.26.0 is now available subscribers, and announcement 2 is that 0.25.0 is available to the public." So if you want to stick with the freely available version you will be one update behind.

Overall it's a good system that's more than fair. It's just worded in a way that's hard to understand. I'm still not sure I got it right so don't quote me on this.