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Hey Itch Peeps,

I got here through Cecil (CONE/SwordPeddler) and Olivia Hill.

The sort of stuff I'd want from this kind of thing would be...

  • A general Tabletop Game category
  • Tags for Roleplay Games, Card Games, and maybe for individuals RPG systems or suites of systems (if they will function like a cloud of searchable tags, rather than a categorical box)

The other big wishlist would be to have a way to do PoD type stuff. I know that you don't do physical material printing, but if there were ways to either do a bulk-order-and-ship (explained a bit more below) or a per-transaction-order-and-send that would be great.

Bulk Order & Ship

For printed stuff, there are usually economies of scale to be had in sending a large enough job to a printer. The pie-in-the-sky idea would be to have a kind of 'preorder' list that could be set up. When someone wants a physical thing, they go on a list and are not yet charged (like Kickstarter... pledge to buy but not yet pay) so that when the orders for that hit a certain volume the Creator can then hit "Charge and send to Printer" and then the usual PoD stuff would kick into gear.

If that idea is way outside what you'd want to do, then just garden variety PoD like you find at Lulu, or DTRPG, or similar would be fantastic.

Andrew C