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I sell a "physical game" RPG solely on itch, and think the platform works great for hosting and selling it, and I have no interest in using the certain monopoly RPG site. I'm glad to read all of this! Obv itch was designed as a digital gaming platform and tabletop people just kind of showed up and started using it, but there are a lot of benefits to us here over our other options.

My main concern about selling tabletop games on itch is discovery. Better classification in the "Physical games" category would be helpful, but looking at the itch front page, it seems to me that "Physical games" are treated as a completely separate entity from just "Games." Since itch is oriented around "Games" defined as digital games, that means all of that real estate on the front page for "Latest Featured Games" or "Fresh Games" only features digital games. (I do see physical games on the front page in the "Recommended for you" section, since I've browsed and purchased and sold them).

Maybe the Featured Games section could also include physical games, or maybe the front page could just have a separate section for a physical games spotlight. I think that would do a lot to make the site more inclusive of physical games and a better place to browse, buy, and sell them.