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I have played this game only once back at TCAF a while back. Me and my friend really loved it. We took a card, bought pins of the goat-bot (cause that goat is so cool!) and altogther were just thrilled at the concept of this game! Its an interesting unique mechanic that keeps you on your feet. Really great to play with friends. So now I have this card in my house, this pin on my jacket, and whenever I see it I wanna play the game! But the only issue is, I can't play it on PC. I would love to play it on a console, but I can't use a PC to play it, especially not if I wanna play 4 players. So my question is: will this game ever be available on a console?


Hey! Glad to hear you really liked the game :D

At the moment, I'm still working towards an initial release on Steam (hopefully gonna start a greenlight campaign for that soon). Once that's done, I am absolutely going to approach the reps at Sony & Microsoft to see about getting a version on consoles. A game like SHNIPERS would be a perfect fit for consoles, so that's definitely my end goal.