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Oh my goodness ;0; thank you so much, it took such a long time to make it all and I'm overall glad you got to enjoy the demo ! Hoping to push out a longer and better demo in the 2.0 version!

Thank you for all the hard work as well, it really shows even in this early stage - the goth auntie in me was a little too excited to see the use of purples and grays, I'm not gonna lie, and the background of the steet and the convienience store especially had me head over heals, they looked amazing (I'll stop now, 'cause I could talk about it for days)! Beautiful work, and they definitely deserve a bit of gushing over!

I neglected to talk about the writing a bit, but honestly, the subtle hints about the main cast where *chef's kiss* - the way they talked and interacted with the main character could hint to their "true colours" if you are actively looking for signs, otherwise they sound so perfectly normal and charming! Very well handled, I can see a person realistically being "tricked" by that first impression!

We'll all wait patiently for the future updates and personally I'm very very excited to see what you have in store - especially after the last scene of the demo, delightfully creepy!