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Version 0.8 has been a while, but Version 0.8 is here.

-The controls have changed quite dramatically, as you now no longer shoot in only 8 directions. Now you can aim in 360 degree angles. The right stick only aims now, but you pull in the RIGHT TRIGGER to shoot.

-The zombies have also had quite the makeover, and I'm not just talking about their appearance. They now run a bit slower and move alot smoother. The speed reduction hasn't made things easier by any means, they are very much still a threat in big numbers and they love breaking down walls.

-The turrets also have been beefed up, I noticed they weren't always shooting when a zombie was in front of them. Now they shoot faster and react alot quicker.

I think I've covered all my bases. The game is still up to FOUR PLAYERS locally, if you have 4 twin-stick controllers or  gamepads for your PC.

As always, thank you so much for checking this game out. If you find any errors PLEASE screenshot them and post them here.