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I reversed the  movement pressing a bunch of times V+M+P and i ended up going backwards, hoping i would find the hole to get in again. Unfortunately i didn't, but i did find the edge of the skybox and the map, and it was really fun to see it dissapear as i got further away, that unity default skybox never seizes go unseen by me, lmao. Very fun and entertaining game, the objective wasn't clear at first, but i slowly understood that certain doors would loop and flip the rooms, and others would just loop. I loved the text sections, and to answer to your question, i justwalked down that hallway out of curiosity, as the fog covers up the end of the hallway and it makes it a little mysterious. Great job! You're an insipration to me, as i also use Unity. Keep doing what you do!

P.S.: The first time i jumped i noticed, that the code that detects when i press Space, is sending out the signal on Input.GetMouseButtonUp instead of Input.GetMouseButtonDown, so the player only jumps when the space key springs back into place, so when you press space, it feels like there's a delay. I personally would suggest you make the player jump when the Key is pressed, instead of released.