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Okey guys... I need to tell some words about this game. 

For first this is A W E S O M E! 

I can find here :

^romans, rlly cute romans

^memes, its always funny and I was suprised bcs i dont think it could be a great combination >romanse, memes< but it was!

^great characters, Akarsha was the best for me.  >She have a good sense of humor and my lovely Min. She have a great style and brutal personality<

^For the most i like a friendship 


The last scene was for me just one big WOW! It was cute and innocent and this fail in the end make me laugh hard. 


For the end I need to thank You very much, U done a rlly good job. I have a lot of fun and if u do a next part i will be thankful.  Your very talented.