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Very beautiful game, tells a good story and is rather inclusive regarding it's cast. I was initially sceptical of the card mini games, but was quickly won over. There are various strategies you can go for and getting the most out of your card through clever placement is fun and engaging. The visuals and music in this game really draw you in. The planet truly becomes alive and feeld different during the seasons. Also seeing your character and his friends grow up over the years is a nice touch, too.

I've encountered a few problems with the game mechanics, like early on a lot of skills seem linked to interactions with your friends in the colony. Since it is possible for some characters to perish over the course of the game - even early on. In my case one death effectivly locked me out of a certain skill for the longes time. 
Also some of the potential datable characters show up later in the game. I was trying to date one of those later newcomers, but since some of my other - platonic - friends had been around for years, their friendship score was much higher than that of my love interest, which meant that during a dance event (something like Prom) I wasn't able to select my love interest as dance partner, only my two best friends.
I would like to see those things addressed by future patches, because they take a lot of player agency away in what otherwise is an excellent experience.

I would love to see you polish this gem of a game and hopefully keep crafting games that are equally engaging. :)