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Despite having an inspiration on another previous videogame (what game/song/book is truly original anyways) IMO, Ballware focuses more on its own, original aspects such as the pixel artstyle and the camera rotation mechanic, making it almost a FPS if taken to the max values.

I hope Ballware gets the chance to expand and see more content and progress, as I know this was made fast for the programming contest entry.

I really enjoyed making a clean run of this and helping support the game, it gave me Megaman vibes while I was at it and it actually plays better than I expected it 

Cheers and I wish they take in account this is just a DEMO and not an actual finished product and let you actually implement more content and fix whatever needs to be fixed.

Thank you so much :) yeah let's see where this goes and thank you again for the video! You saved me a lot of time.