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The game seems pretty interesting on the surface, but I can't get anywhere past the opening screen.  I can navigate through the menu and change some settings with the arrow keys, but I can't get to "select" anything to actually launch the race.  I tried clicking with the mouse, [SPACE] and [ENTER] with no result.  However, when I press [ESC], this brings a sub-menu (a TIC sub-menu?) which gives me some options of restarting the game or to go to the TIC "command prompt" and this one I can still navigate with the arrow keys and yet still can't "select" anything with the keyboard but here at least the mouse actually works when I click on menu items.

I hope you can get this fixed soon after reading this, as I'm really interested in trying your game.

EDIT : DUH!!  I just saw that there was a tiny line in the instructions telling to use "Z" to select things in the menu.  ARGH!  I feel so stupid now.  lol

Sorry for the disturbance.