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This pretty damn neat

The armor might be tricky tho and I think the dev will have a hard time implementing the weight values but still it could work.

We would have to think though. How will the player get to use these different weapons and armors and fighting styles. They could just be acquired through upgrades but I think there can be a variety of other ways. Like selecting it in a 'Character Making' screen or something. Weapons, shields and armor can maybe be acquired as drops from enemies which possess em.


I was thinking of a currency. Have it so you get time bonuses, mutli-kill bonuses, decapitation bonuses, as well as regular money (we could call it scrap or something) for just getting kills. Have armor, weapons, and whatnot all be dependent on money while keeping the skills separate as they are now. It could even be set-up so you have to unlock skills to wield certain weapons or wear certain armor. I wouldn't think weight values would be too hard, just code it so armor type and number decrease overall speed by a certain percentage.