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just like you said


Okay. Bad news is, a lot of factors can cause this. Good news, it should be easy to pinpoint the problem. First, try to right-click the .exe file and run it as administrator. If that doesn’t help: after extracting, you found the .exe file AND a new folder with sth like “hardcoded_data”, right? Drop the .exe file inside it and try again, as an administrator. If none of these help, open Task Manager, take a glance at what is running normally, then try to start the game and search for changes that should appear. Whatever the results, report back here! ^w^

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ok gonna try

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ok so i tried to run as adminitrator but nothinf changed i open task manager and i saw that it appears for a seecond and then dissapears also i dont know where is hardcoded_data is cuz i downloadet from and it wasnt zip it was just .exe

Just reinstalled Windows7 to confirm everything xD Indeed, just one .exe file . It should open by itself. You might be missing some libraries (prepacked files groups for many programs to use) on Your computer. Problem is, without asking the creator of the game, it’ll be hard to pinpont, what’s necessary for it to open and what is missing. Try this:

  1. right-click on the file, open Properties, then Compatibility.
  2. select Windows 7, and if that doesn’t help, let Windows decide what parameters it needs. There should be some Help option for that, but memory escapes me.

If nothing of this works, I’ll be out of ideas, bro. Good luck!


thank it worked