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Okay, so. I've come back to this a few times. In several different states of mind, no less! My first experience with it was only surface-deep. The moments of sincerety scared me off the first time. I wasn't ready for it. Chasing my euphoric dragon all the way to Hell itself, I wanted only to laugh. So I did. I politely disregarded the rest. One day, God--should you choose to believe my truth--at last spoke to me and told me that I'd been making my way to Hell the whole time. The drugs. The alcohol. The sex. The desire for money, fame, power. I saw a light of my own, as I found myself in my own Hell for the last time on December 21st, 2018. Mark my words: It was the last time I went willingly.

So, After a month sober and spiritually free, I came back to this. I don't know what I expected. I wanted to see if I'd relate to it. I don't know if you'd expect me to since I led this comment with the chin and used the G-word right off the bat, but I did. I've seen Hell. We've all seen it. All of us. The broken, the misunderstood, the rejected, the bastards, the bitches, what have you. We were different. Society didn't like that. For the longest time we believed Life itself did not like us for the strange and unpopular colors we seemed to shine.

I could keep rambling but, I'd just like to say this for now, as I'm only about halfway through the zine, intent on finishing it some time later. (I'm delving into every little bit, even the sincere poetry, which is very powerful! I commend your soulful writing!!) Shine on, you crazy diamond. God doesn't let you die until it's your time. I'm living proof. I chased my fun past the brink of death more than once (Overdose) and I'm still kicking. God knows you have something to show the world. You have a powerful message to share to the misfits like us. Bring us together, and we'll become stronger than any billion-dollar baby in a cushy office, looking for the next big thing. Rock on. I love you. (Platonically. I'm a gay man, incidentally. Bi, but... mostly into dudes. I still support every bit of your message. I have my own battles to fight in that regard, but I'll stand by you as you fight yours.)

Lastly, I wrote this and ejected it into the void once... (I ctrl-c'd it, just in case.) "God and the Devil are inside each and every one of us. It is you who chooses which to befriend and trust. The ego wants it all and will never be satisfied. All you need is Everything. No more, no less. Nobody needs it all. We just need life itself. Everything in it. Life is a multiplayer game. Once you conquer the survival elements, you learn the secret to living is to stop surviving. Start living. Devils have fun in their gold-drenched Hells, surviving, filling their voids with riches and pride. I've got God in mine. I need nothing more. My own soul is mine. Amen."