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I don't mind the slow update, as I have a life. The 'lack of romance' as some people point out, I don't see an issue. There is romance in certain area's, there are many different endings and outcomes which I appreciate. Also people having an issue with the character... Well I find it refreshing. I may not like the MC but it doesn't make it a bad story. It is a story. I will say to others, just because it doesn't have a kiss scene doesn't mean it is NOT an otome. There are plenty of relations where people will prefer emotional affection over physical. Just because it may not be something you favor does not mean it is abnormal.

The slow update I may 'not' mind, I still don't like. I luckily pre-ordered it early so I only paid $10. But If I have to wait another year for it all I may have to ask for a refund. I understand things can come up in life, but the developers should be transparent, try to inform their fans/followers about what is happening and why things may be slow or even on hiatus. I will say it is not a great game, but it is not terrible either. If they do finish this and create another game perhaps they can take the criticism, and create a better game next.