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Hello Recyclinator Dev, Watchcha been upto? Ive just came back to this game after upgrading my PC and I was just wondering what you have been thinking about adding to this game, and if we could chat or something


Your enthusiasm for Recyclinator means a lot to me, since not many people has said much about it (though the game was more of an experiment so I kind of expected that reaction from most). Sadly, I've stopped working on that game and I don't think I'll return to it again. It has been a fun and educating journey, and I'm really glad you supported the game during that time, but I feel that I need to continue on other games instead (I have so many ideas but so little time). I'd love to hear what you think about the game though, so I can evolve my gamedev skills. :)

Thanks again, and I hope you understand my situation.


Want to contact me on discord, here it is :D 

 SunkenTube#4925   Spelled exactly like that (Don't forget the caps)