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hello guys when Ai-chan sing the game stop working can someone give me a save file after the player wake up from the dream pls and thx you can find the save files in 
C:\Users\YOUR PC NAME\AppData\LocalLow\by redamz
and you might need to press view show hidden items so you can see app data


everyone waiting for 4+ years for a hentai game! Dont get me wrong, where all on the same page but if u think of it, its kinda pathetic.

Dont hate on me im just sayin! And the comments section here is probably way more mature than a c section in youtube ( No 9 year olds here ) sooooo no hatred? Hope not lol

well im not up to date but i think the full game is released ?! Idk but from your comment it sounds like it did! Im sorry i just came from porn hub and developed a fettish for a slime and a shark and i feel kinda wierd about it, didnt play the actual game just watched it and kinda got addicted to it

I feel like im sharing way to my personal info but Who cares its 2019

nah you are right i wasted my time on this game but its ok i deleted it 77 days ago XD  and yah i liked the slime man this is dumb af XD


Considering people have waited longer for non-hentai games or other entertainment venues? No. Not really any more pathetic than those situations.