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This game was so interesting to play. I really like how these developers made this formula for the game and I enjoyed every second of it. When I finished the game and sadly realized that it was just a demo. I made sure to leave a comment to show these developers my appreciation of this amazing work of art. Can't wait to play the full version one day!

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Great to hear that you liked the concept of the game and that you are looking forward to seeing the final version!

When we started this project we were really confused about its nature. I mean, it is a mix of a roguelike, card game, dungeon crawler, and tactics. Definitely sounds different, but we were not confident that this would work. Along the development of this prototype - or proof of concept - we became a bit more confident about what the game is, and where are the players for this type of project.

When developing dungeon drafters, I always try to make sure that this is something I would like to play by myself, and that's why I am also hoping to get the final version of the project done!

I am sure it will take some long, but meanwhile, you can follow our development process in the discord channel or twitteraccount!

Anyways, thank you very much for the kind words dude!


Awesome development story.  And like you said, always make the game how YOU would want it to function. That's (for me) is the golden rule for development (And ofc, adjust it with great feedback from the community ) Then surely, it will turn into a game that you and everyone else here would love to play. Heck, I like it a lot already ;)