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This is a pretty good game and I really enjoyed it.

I loved the card game setup mixed with roguelike combat, I loved how some cards could chain into one another (like the one that allows you to teleport yourself or another unit to another tile within range and the spell that allowed to turn enemies into allies), I like how some cards allowed you to reposition yourself while also allowing you to attack within the same turn, and I liked how the card setup worked out, where you could cast multiple spells in one turn if you had the action points to spend for it.

The only problems I noticed was one glitch where the caster enemy tried to make an ally slime for me and the purple ball thing just jittered across the screen (and sometimes offscreen as well) until I decided to close the game and I felt as though the enemy A.I. was a bit too passive (but also recognize that it could just be the fact that they're starting level enemies rather than enemies that are designed to be aggressive from the oneset).

Overall, pretty good game, I love the concept, and I can't wait to see what more you add to it later on.

Great to hear that you've enjoyed the reengage cards and the mix between roguelike and card game, I can say that we are designing some really cool combos for the final version of the game!

I will  also make sure to take a look at the soft look you reported,

Thank you very much for the comment ;)

Hey there! I'm super glad you think this is an interesting game, it's been a while but I think that you are going to enjoy our huge status update

:) Best,