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When you are customizing your XO and choosing what to call them in certain situations it is backwards.

If I tell then to call me Captain and I choose to call them Commander 

They will call me Commander and I will call them Captain 

It also happens the same for the other options 

Also so far really enjoying this game.

I think i know what happened because i did the same thing. when filling it out you're doing it from the perspective of the xo instead of the captain.

I thought that was the case at first but if you look to the right there is a box with text that fills in ever time  you  type your preference that makes it seam like it is from your point of view

yeah i went back and reread it. looks like you were right about it being an odd glitch.

Possible I've put some incorrect variables into some of the scene text. I'll do a pass, though if anyone can note specific scenes it'd speed fixes along.