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Hello RB-D2, i want to said that the project wingman is a great ace combat clone so far and i really hype to these game rather than Ace Combat 7 itself especialy your vr feature, that is only on psvr in Ace Combat 7, but i think there some thing that you should looking for :

1. Stall feauture, in these game the aircraft can flies in insane altitude even reach a 40000 alt above, i think you should add these feature in future like ace combat 

2. Texture, there some a several texture that you should improved, especialy the terrain, and the skies graphic abovr the cloud, it still darker and uncompletely polished, i hope you'll fixed it soon

3. Optimization, okay this is only an addition, maybe you can optimized your game so it can reach all computer specs

4. For multiplayer, is up to you, want to add it or no :)

5. Radio Chat Sound Effect, in this case your vouce act is really good, only a radio chat sound effect has needed more improvement

Okay that is only my advise to you, overral i like your game, keep work, and i hope it would be released, i would support these game rather than AC7 :)