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I loved it ! Very good atmosphere, puzzles are balanced, a really enigmatic fox, I'm curious if there is a next episode !  I want to meet The Fox again ~

Puzzles are balanced, except maybe about the "☐" during the last puzzle, who is a bit different than others about how to find it.

I deduced the color of "☐", so I finished the game without understanding why it was that. But, a friend tried the game after seeing me playing and he found how to do. So I was a bit frustrated because I had a similar idea but it didn't work well haha!  I wanted to push the button quickly and go outside, but I was on the doorstep when I wanted to push the button. But if you are on the side of the button, you can't pushing it. So after that, I thought it was impossible to cross the barrier. But in reallity, you have to be inside to push the button. And I didn't notice that I had the time to go outside after pushing it ! (I hope it's clear haha)

So it's not a big problem finally ! I should have tried more time. But I think it was important to tell you ! And after that I tried to imagine new therories during at least 30min, to find the good color X'D

By the way, I noticed a little glitch, I made a clip of that on Twitch (yes I was streaming during my test :D)

I will be glad to play again!
Good luck for the future ~