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You need to change the .bat file. It replaces AndroidManifest to keep an uniform compilation.
I just removed this piece of the script and it worked:

rem rem make android ID and name unique so we can have multiple installs

rem restore original manifest and src subdir
copy tools\love-android-sdl2\original\AndroidManifest.xml tools\love-android-sdl2\
rd tools\love-android-sdl2\src\love /s/q
xcopy tools\love-android-sdl2\original\love tools\love-android-sdl2\src\love /e/i

rem replace id, name and src subdir
tools\sed-win\bin\sed -i "s/loveToAndroid Game/Game %datevar%/g" tools\love-android-sdl2\AndroidManifest.xml
tools\sed-win\bin\sed -i "s/\.to\.android%datevar%/g" tools\love-android-sdl2\AndroidManifest.xml
tools\sed-win\bin\sed -i "s/\.to\.android%datevar%/g" tools\love-android-sdl2\src\love\to\android\

Do it on make.apk