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Can you give detail? Haven't played.


(beerfish is a troll account)


"people who do not subscribe to my exact opinions must be trolls"


You're not a troll. I'm legitimately interested.


Okay, beerfish. Go ahead and answer the man's question then. 

What politics are pushed by RLM? 

Please provide specific examples. They've over a decade of content on YT; now is your chance to expose to everyone their political rhetoric! 

(N.b., You've a captive audience so please show your work, pudding.)


It was the most obvious sarcasm I think I've ever put to text. 

RLM is superbly apolitical, which is why the developer putting in multiple personal political opinions despite having no connection to RLM is so baffling.

I get you.


probably more a joke related to the earlier post that says the dev inserted political opinions into the game for some brainwormy reason