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First half through I thought how neatly put together the map was. Only one solution with all the returning later on. It is a feeling of witnessing a fine working machinery...

By the end I had a horrible time. last puzzle.. well it definitely has a few steps. I have no idea how to geometrically calculate it, I just ended up thinking what task seems kinda hard and trying to complete it anyway. There's no high-level logic I see that says "this is achievable if you bring both to that end and then back and then it somehow works out anyways." It was just seemed like a lot of coincidences when ground happens to be at the exact spot.
All the trunk puzzles solved themselves except for the last one, which I kinda bruteforced too. It's absolutely unintuitive.
Water have no tiles or texture and sounds got really annoying.

Sorry, I am so salty about the amount of time I wasted at the last puzzle without the satisfaction I craved... still, I feel It's a few steps from a good puzzle.