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well i don't think i can lose anymore :D psychomancer and archmage are easy wins 10 out of 10(some really OP combo). with the others i have to have some luck getting the spells+artifacts fast for OP combos for the infinite points. i think the battlemage is by far the weakest since it's in the front line, and can always die first against mass enemies unlucky targeting... but maybe i just have to find a way to influence/position their targeting or my battlemage position although i dont know if it's possible.
i would like to see more spells for variety (like double the amount of possible spells and more artifacts. current artifacts are a little boring, there are 4 very good, but aside from that 4 others are quite useless with very little impact. there should be way way more artifacts and it would be cool if many could influence your playstyle depending on what you got.