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Thanks for the encouragement :) I really recommend trying the PICO-8, it's actually really easy to work with because everything is so straightforward (one of the many things I love about it), plus you get everything you need right in one package. So for example you can just draw a sprite right in the editor at index 7 and then render that in the middle of the screen by calling spr(7, 64, 64). It's that simple.

There's lots of great stuff to learn from on the forum; you can look at the code for any game there by just clicking the word 'Code' underneath, or download the game by saving the cartridge (brilliant) and then open it in the editor and poke around the graphics, map, sound effects, music and of course code. There's also a fanzine with introductory tutorials.

I first got the PICO-8 in August 2015 I think, but the first thing I made was for Ludum Dare 34 in December 2015. If you want to buy the PICO-8 it's only $15, though it might be worth buying it's big brother Voxatron for $20 instead as it comes with a free copy of PICO-8. Hope that helps!

Gah that sounds awesome, thank you so much for the rundown, you've got me excited to try it now!

And geez you've done so much with it over that time. :O I really have to get onto trying out all your other games, they look awesome!

Awesome! Have fun :) I'd be happy to help if you get stuck on anything

Yh now that you mention it I guess I have done a fair amount in PICO-8. It's been my go-to platform since I started using it, it's just so fun and easy. And since there's only 16 colors and the sprites are so small (8x8) and resolution so low (128x128), it made the idea of doing pixel art a lot less daunting. I hadn't done any before I started using it, but I'm quite happy with the small sprites I can create now.

Thanks for checking out my stuff :) Most of my PICO-8 things are on or the PICO-8 forum. There's also this twitter thread where I've put all my tweetcarts (PICO-8 programs in 140 characters or less, see this *amazing* forum thread for lots more). I really dig the aesthetic of your game Reefy Madness btw, it's really nice.