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Let's see. Where to begin? I really enjoyed Halloween Otome (my favorite game to come from Synokoria), so I was excited to play this game. My personal view of this otome stands on a rather neutral point. I can enjoy the effort put into the game, the music, and the art.  My favorite bachelor was Kiron as I enjoy the 'gentlemanly' type as Mira eloquently put it.  This game has a mystery element added to it, unlike Halloween Otome, therefore changing the tone of this particular addition to the Synokoria holiday themed otomes.

Mira, the main character, is a confident person. She is outgoing and social. She is the complete opposite of me. I realized that I could not relate to Mira on a personal level due to the fact that I am not a talkative person nor particularly outgoing. Regardless, Mira is a strong heroine, and I have no doubt that there is good reasons for others to adore her. She has quite a few attractive character traits. She values her friendships, knows how to read the atmosphere, and respects the privacy of others. Even so, I didn't agree with some of her behavior, but it is mostly because Mira and I have clashing personalities. 

Something I did not particularly care for was the whole 'decide how to spend your days to raise your stats.' I have played otomes in such a format before, but I believe that Valentine Otome executed it better than others. I must take into account how lovely it was to have certain events come into play because of how you spend your day.  I am thankful for the walkthrough that they published. (Otherwise I would have trouble reaching any sort of desired ending. Let it be said that if you enjoy a challenge, do not use the walkthrough, and discover the satisfaction of discovering certain endings by yourself.) I still found it rather bothersome to work on Mira's stats when all I wanted to see was her interactions with other characters. 

I loved the cameos of characters from Synokoria's previous game and all of the dynamic events you can have depending on the route you pick for Halloween Otome. That was a very thoughtful and delightful thing. Unfortunately, as a lover of Halloween Otome, I found myself more excited in seeing Emma's extended relationships with the man that the player chooses for her rather than for Mira's developing relationships. That, however, is my own fault. 

Now I will be heading into Spoiler Territory.

The player will be thrown into action genre territory near end-game through all the routes. That was something I had not been prepared for, but it was not unwelcome. The game actually contains a lot of hints that action will be presented later on. For example, threats, a flower pot dropping (from a building), kidnapping attempts (for a certain unrelated character), and the introduction of Jeff's role in Daire's route. This is one of the reasons why the tone of the story feels heavy. 

I recommend you follow the suggestion made above by Synokoria if you are about to go through your first play-through regarding the order in which you pick a bachelor. Daire's routes has a lot of mysteries revealed that happen in the other routes. That is why I am happy that I followed the advice listed above.

This was a decent game. The replayability, for myself, is low. I highly encourage others, however, to check this game out. One can tell that a lot of work was put into this otome, and the production value is higher than a lot of other free-published otomes. I recommend you give this otome a go to form your own opinion.