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hi happy new year's!!!!! i just discovered all your visual novels by chance browsing through the tags and i have to say i'm absolutely in love?? like wOW heck!!!! i love all the characters and the protagonist is relatable and undeniably human? like it's really hard to describe but i love playing visual novels were the protagonist seems to come alive along with the plot and i feel like you did an amazing job with these!!! i played them all today bc i was so excited after going through one and i can't wait until this one's finished. and, if you plan on making any more installments, i'd gladly play them as well. you're doing amazing!!! i hope the holidays were nice and happy 2019!! ( ´ ∀ ` )

Happy New Year!! Ahhh, first of all, thank you for playing all my visual novels so far! I'm glad you like the characters, and I'm glad you find the protagonists relatable! I will definitely be making more and I'll keep working hard. Thank you so much for your kind words, it was so lovely to wake up to your comment! Happy New Year again!